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Bladeless Cataract Surgery

NEW! LenSx® Bladeless Refractive Cataract surgery by Dr Leo Seo Wei


Yes, it is now possible to perform cataract surgery with a Laser. The FDA-approved LenSx® laser system is based on the same femtosecond technology used during bladeless LASIK procedures. The system uses integrated optical coherence tomography (OCT) which captures precise, hi-res images of the patient’s eyes. It gives the surgeon image –guided control and the ability to plan and customize each procedure to the unique characteristics of the patient’s eye.The femtosecond laser has replaced many of the steps in the cataract surgery that were previously performed by human hands, i.e., resulting in less surgical error and better predictability of outcomes. Results are more precise than any other previous or current methods of cataract surgery. At the Mt Elizabeth Hospital, Dr Leo Seo Wei uses the femtosecond laser to make the corneal incisions, create a perfect size capsulotomy and break apart the cloudy cataract lens. She is one of the few eye specialists in Singapore doing bladeless cataract surgery.


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