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Glaucoma Treatment

This “Silent Thief of Sight” is Responsible for 40% of Blindness in Singapore. Don’t Be Its Victim – Detect & Treat It Early Today!
Do you:
Have a Family History of Glaucoma?

Glaucoma Has a Strong Hereditary Link

Sense a Gradual Loss of Peripheral Vision?

Most Cases Start Off With Peripheral Vision Loss

Have High Eye Pressure?

High Eye Pressure May Damage The Optic Nerve

Have Diabetes & Circulation Problems?

These Increase Your Risk of Developing Glaucoma

Over the Age of 40?

Older Age Increases The Risk of Developing Glaucoma

If you have any of these symptoms and risk factors, you may have glaucoma.
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Step 1: Book an

Let our eye specialist conduct a detailed screening test for glaucoma – this typically includes a review of your family history, a visual field test and an eye pressure test.

Step 2: Early Intervention to Slow Progression

There may not be a cure for glaucoma, but early detection and targeted intervention can do wonders in slowing its progression significantly, thus preserving sight.

Step 3: Clear Vision for Much Longer

With early and sustained treatment, glaucoma’s progression can be significantly slowed, so you can enjoy decent eyesight decades on in your golden years.

Our Eye Clinic’s Experience & Expertise in Glaucoma Treatment

Our ophthalmologist Dr Leo Seo Wei has over two decades of experience treating and managing glaucoma effectively. Our clinic is well-equipped with modern ophthalmological equipment that can accurately diagnose glaucoma and is stocked with industry-recognized medicines which have been proven to treat glaucoma properly.

As glaucoma is a progressive disease and each individual has a different risk level, we treat each patient with a personalized treatment plan to ensure optimal preservation of sight in the long run.

Our Clinic Offers Comprehensive Ways to Combat Glaucoma

Non-Surgical Option Available: Glaucoma eye drops are the most common and easiest way of keeping one’s eye pressure under control. With many types to choose from, it is likely that there is one out there that suits your condition well with minimal side effects.

Can’t Use Eye Drops? No Worries: Some people may not be suitable for any of the glaucoma eye drops available. Fret not, this is where modern laser techniques come in to reduce your eye pressure effectively and precisely.

Laser Not Effective Enough? There’s Still Hope: If laser surgery and medical eye drops still do not relieve your eye pressure sufficiently, there is always the final resort of eye surgery. Don’t let that scare you though – eye surgery may be more invasive and complex, but in the hands of an experienced glaucoma surgeon, you can be assured of a strong track record of safe and effective care.

Suspect You Have Glaucoma, or Want to Find Out More about its Treatments?
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FAQs on Glaucoma & Glaucoma Management
  • What is Glaucoma & How Does It Develop?

    • Glaucoma is a disease that damages the eye’s optic nerve. It typically happens when fluid builds up in the front of the eye, which increases eye pressure, damaging the optic nerve in the process.
    • Left untreated, glaucoma will result in progressive and irreversible vision loss.
  • How Many Types of Glaucoma Are There?

    • Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma
      • The most common type of glaucoma, this happens gradually due to the eye not being able to drain fluid as well as it should. As a result, eye pressure gradually builds and damages the optic nerve.
    • Angle-Closure Glaucoma
      • This happens when a person’s iris is very near the drainage angle in their eye, thus blocking the drainage angle. When this happens, eye pressure rises very quickly. This is known as “acute glaucoma”, which is a medical emergency and must be attended to immediately to preserve sight.
  • What Are The Symptoms of Glaucoma?

    • Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma
      • Typically develops slowly with no noticeable vision loss for years until advanced and irreversible damage has been done. This is why regular eye checks and early detection are so crucial.
      • Gradual loss of peripheral vision
    • Angle-Closure Glaucoma
      • Sudden vision loss
      • Severe eye and head pain
      • Hazy or blurry vision
      • Nausea
  • How Is Glaucoma Diagnosed?

    • By checking your eye pressure
    • By examining your optic nerve
    • By testing your visual field (especially the periphery)
  • Treatment: How Do Glaucoma Eye Drops Work?

    • They decrease eye pressure by helping the eye drain fluid better and/or decrease the amount of fluid produced by the eye
    • With glaucoma being a progressive condition requiring long-term care, the patient must be diligent in taking the eye drops daily
    • Like most medicines, these eye drops may have some side effects. Thus, finding the best suited one with minimal to no side effects for you is crucial.
  • Treatment: How Does Glaucoma Laser Surgery Work?

    • Also known as Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT), this can be used as a primary (alternative) or complementary form of treatment to eye drops
    • Main Advantage: If this method alone can reduce eye pressure to an appropriate level, then there will be no need to take daily eye drops just yet, which may come with side effects
    • Main Disadvantage: The effect of laser treatment is usually temporary, thus most patients will likely need to go on daily medications eventually after a few years
  • Treatment: How Does Glaucoma Eye Surgery Work?

    • A last resort if all else fails, eye surgery for glaucoma is minimally invasive in nature and its main purpose is to drain the extra fluid out of the eye
    • Can be done through placing a tiny tube inside the eye to facilitate drainage or by making a tiny cut in the eye’s drainage tubes to ease fluid buildup

Dr Leo Adult & Paediatric Eye Specialist is a specialist eye clinic in Singapore that provides a wide range of diagnostic and treatment services for glaucoma and other eye conditions. When it comes to glaucoma, early detection and intervention is crucial. Come in for a risk assessment and screening in order to preserve your valuable eyesight in the long run.
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