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Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) Treatment

AMD is One of the Leading Causes of Blindness in People Over 501 Detect & Treat It Early to Prevent Vision Loss!
Are You:
  • Over 50 Years Old?
  • Experiencing Blurring of Central Vision?
  • Experiencing Distorted Vision?
  • Seeing Dark Spots & Missing Areas in Your Vision?
  • Having Trouble Seeing Fine Details?
  • Have a Family History of AMD?
If you have these symptoms, you may have Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD).
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Step 1: Book an

Let our eye specialist conduct a detailed screening for AMD. This typically involves assessing your degree of vision distortion and identification of abnormal blood vessels in the eye.

Step 2: Prompt Treatment to Stabilize Vision

Our targeted treatments can help block the growth of abnormal blood vessels in the eye, reduce leakage or destroy abnormal blood vessels altogether.

Step 3: Better Preservation of Sight in the Long Run

As AMD is a degenerative condition that worsens with time, early detection and intervention will help slow disease progression and preserve sight for much longer.

Our Eye Clinic’s Experience & Expertise in AMD Treatment

Dr Leo Seo Wei is an ophthalmologist in Singapore who is well-versed in the treatment of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). With over 20 years of experience treating AMD, our clinic is equipped with modern ophthalmological technology and medicines that have been proven to treat AMD effectively.

With AMD being one of the leading causes of blindness in Singapore, we are committed to providing detailed assessments and personalized treatments for our patients to achieve best possible sight preservation.

Our Clinic Offers a Range of Established Treatment Methods for AMD

While treatment can usually stabilize vision, the degree of improvement will depend on severity and type of AMD.


Intravitreal Injections: The most common form of treatment, certain medicines are injected into the eye to block the growth of abnormal blood vessels.

Photodynamic Therapy: This uses a non-thermal laser together with an intravenous drug to reduce leakage and seal abnormal blood vessels

Laser Photocoagulation: This uses a laser to destroy abnormal blood vessels


Though there is currently no known cure, when detected early, many do benefit from good lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements to slow disease progression and preserve vision.

Suspect You Have AMD & Want to Know More about its Treatments?
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FAQs on AMD and Its Treatment
  • What are the Two Types of AMD?

    • Dry AMD: Making up over 80% of AMD cases, Dry AMD is a type of the disease where blood vessels in the eye do not leak, and gets progressively worse over the years.
    • Wet AMD: Regarded as a more advanced type of the disease, Wet AMD causes vision loss when abnormal blood vessels grow in the eye. When blood vessels leak below the centre of the retina (the macular), the leaking and bleeding can cause irreversible vision loss.
  • I Have Dry AMD. What Can I Do To Slow Vision Loss?

    • Have routine eye exams!
    • Don’t smoke
    • Have a healthy diet (rich in antioxidant vitamins)
    • Have a healthy BMI
    • Manage your other existing health conditions well
  • How is AMD Diagnosed?

    • Testing for distorted central vision (Amsler grid)
    • Examining the back of the eye for yellow deposits (drusen) that form under the retina
    • Injecting a colored dye into the arm, which will travel to and highlight blood vessels in the eye
    • Conducting an imaging test of the cross-section of the retina

Dr Leo Adult & Paediatric Eye Specialist provides a wide range of diagnostic and treatment services for AMD and other eye conditions. As AMD is a progressive disease, early detection and intervention is even more important. Come in for an AMD screening while in its early stages for better outcomes.
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